Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine marked ‘Unity Day’ on February 16 against Russian invasion

News Desk: Ukraine, on Wednesday February 16, raised national flags and played the country’s anthem to show unity against Russians. It also fluttered outside schools, hospitals and many shops.

A loudspeaker at a local government office in Kyiv played patriotic songs, while television and government YouTube channels broadcast speeches and rousing reminders of Ukraine’s nationhood.

This day was created by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this week after Russia massed troops near Ukraine’s borders.

In his address, Zelenskyy said “Ukrainians were united around a common desire to live in peace, happily, in a family, children with parents”

“No one can love our home as we can. And only we, together, can protect our home” he added.

He also asked Ukrainians to post pictures and videos of the Ukrainian flag and add hashtags. On Instagram, users posted under #UnityDay.