Save Drive Safe life Campaign at Keshpur

News Desk: The West Bengal government launched the “Safe Drive Save Life” initiative in West Bengal aimed at reducing road accidents, which were one of the leading causes of deaths and disabilities in the state. The initiative, which was the brainchild of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, is proving to be hugely impactful.

The Save Drive Safe Life campaign runs throughout December Month across the State.It will run in January, 2022.

Along with the entire state, Keshpur police station is also implementing Save Drive Safe Life campaign. As a part of Save Drive Safe Life campaign organized a sit and draw competition for children at Keshpur PS compound in presence of CI Keshpur, staff of DLSA, Local dignitaries, distributed prizes to the winners & all other participants. Tiffin and chocolates were also given to them.

Today as a part of 4th week SDSL program, organized rally from Keshpur Bus Stand to Keshpur Bazar, Keshpur Narajole morh, Hospital by pass road, Keshpur College road, and mugbasan to Bajuara Chak also Cleaned traffic furnitures (guardrails) and pasted reflective tapes at different places i.e, at Keshpur PS & Bazar, Narajole Morh, Khudiram morh.