KMC Polls: Veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy slammed state leadership, says party run by a bunch of “rotten debauch-cum-traitors”

News Desk: A day after his party’s dismal performance in the KMC polls, veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy slammed the state leadership, saying the party is being run by a bunch of “rotten debauch-cum-traitors”.

“Hindu Bengalis seem headed for doom and extinction. Their principal abode, the state of West Bengal, has been a Kakistocracy*, ruled by a bunch of soul-destroyers for the last 44 years. *Government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power*,” Mr Roy, a former governor of Tripura and Meghalaya, tweeted.

“BJP, who could have resurrected it, was left to be run by a bunch of thoroughly rotten debauch-cum-traitors. The result was the Assembly election debacle of 2021. And because there was no serious course correction thereafter, the rout in Municipal elections. #KakistocracyWestBengal,” he said in a series of tweets.

Continuing his tirade against the state leadership, Mr Roy said he has pointed out the lacunae at party forums on numerous occasions, but nothing was done to rectify the mistakes.

“Some people are feeling bad about my comments against BJP publically. I am also upset about it. But there is no other way; I have said those things secretly at party forums, but it did not have not been any result. It doesn’t matter whether I am alive or dead. What is important is the defeat of the Hindu Bengalis is imminent,” he wrote.