TMC-BJP councilor scuffle in Kolkata Municipal Council again

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: TMC councilor Asim Bose and BJP councilor Sajal Ghosh got involved in a scuffle in front of Mayor Firhad Hakim in Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Chairperson Mala Roy said that both have been showcaused.

It is known that during the session, Mayor Firhad Hakim said, “There is no opposition in the municipality. The number of opposition has decreased so much that someone from us have to sit the opposition.” In response, BJP councilor Sajal Ghosh said, “The mayor seems to be an opposition at times.” “We too were in opposition. Don’t teach us opposition,” replied chairperson Mala Roy. TMC councilors started banging the table. BJP councilor Sajal Ghosh criticized the matter. Said, “This is the culture of the party.” After that TMC Councilor Asim Bose lashed out at the BJP councillors. “We also have families. Don’t talk about culture.” The discussion started with that. After that the scuffle started in front of the mayor. BJP councilor Sajal Ghosh was allegedly pushed. Mayor Firham Hakim repeatedly requested to bring the situation under control. But neither side paid attention to it.

After some time the situation came under control. The session began. But BJP walked out. Sajal Ghosh said, “TMC councilor Asim Bose is a tolabaaj.” Mayor Firhad Hakim said, “BJP councilors call everyone a thief. In fact, the whole world is a thief to those who themselves are thieves. If you call me a thief, I am calm. I don’t get angry. But everyone is not same. Everyone has a family. Don’t make personal attacks.”