Viral video of ABVP activist calling for Muslim genocide

News Desk: After Haridwar Dharam Sansad hate speech video, a new video went viral on social media, where an ABVP activist Pooja was seen giving open call for Muslim genocide at an event organised to protest against the recent murder of a Bajrang Dal member in Shivamogga.

In her speech, she said “If you ask for water, Indians will give you juice. If you ask for milk, we’ll give you curd. But, if you want Hijab all over India, we will chop you all with Shivaji’s sword”

“Saffron is India. We are happy with all the arrests that have been made, but it’s not enough…if you cannot do it…give us 24 hours…let the government give us just one hour…not just these six girls in hijab, we’ll cut 60,000 in hijab into pieces” she added.

Justifying her point, she told reporters “I didn’t say ‘all Muslims’. I was only referring to those six girls who have stirred a controversy for political gains and caused the death of innocent people. Muslims killed Harsha, isn’t it? That’s what I was referring to”.

“Even I have Muslim friends. I know how close we are. I’m not saying Hindus and Muslims are different. I was only referring to those who are against Hindus and attack us” she added.

When asked why she brought up the hijab issue while condemning Harsha’s murder, the ABVP activist said “I brought up the hijab issue because it has led to the murder. We don’t know where else this will go”.

She was backed by a VHP leader who said “We support her comment. We are restricting her movement so that the issue is not blown out of proportion since the political climate is not good. We will always be against hijab in schools and colleges. So, we support her remark”

A 27-year-old Bajrang Dal activist, Harsha, was stabbed to death by a group of people on Sunday, February 20 night. Following the murder, right wing groups allegedly vandalised and set fire to vehicles in the area. Stone-pelting and instances of arson were reported in many parts of the district during his funeral procession. Right-wing groups and leaders have widely condemned his killing and held protests across the state.

So far, 10 people have been arrested in connection with the murder of the Bajrang Dal activist. A political showdown has erupted with Karnataka minister Eshwarappa alleging that Muslim goons were involved in the murder. He accused Congress’s DK Shivakumar of “provocating Muslim goons”. The Opposition has sought Minister Eshwarappa’s sacking.