Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Stir in world politics over Russia-Ukraine claims

News Desk: Russia and Ukraine’s claim regarding soldiers death caused stir in world politics.

Russian Ministry of Defence said its troops have knocked out 211 military infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine claimed that it has destroyed at least 80 tanks, 516 armoured combat vehicles, 7 helicopters, 10 aircraft and 20 cruise missiles. As per last reports, the Ukrainian Army claimed that it has killed over 1,000 Russian troops.

Meanwhile Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said “There is a lot of fake information on the networks that I am calling on our army to surrender and that there is an evacuation, but I am here. We will not lay down our weapons. We will fight for our land”.

From Russia’s side, last report says that Russian troops have captured the city of Melitopol in Ukraine’s southeastern Zaporizhzhya region.