After Madhya Pradesh, Orissa witnessed cop brutality on journalist

News Desk: After Madhya Pradesh, now Orissa witnessed cop brutality on journalist. The journalist was chained and taken to hospital after he exposed corruption of a local police station.

It is learned that the injured journalist’s name is Loknath Dalei, a resident of Balasore. The injured journalist alleged “I was summoned to Nilgiri police station on Wednesday morning. I was accused of speaking indecently to a home guard. The same homeguard named Niranjan Rana said in a written complaint that I had insulted him in indecent language. As punishment, I was severely beaten. I was handcuffed and chained to the hospital”.

“My legs were chained during my treatment in the hospital bed. I had to face such torture because I exposed the corruption of Nilgiri police station” he added.

The DGP has directed an investigation into the incident. When this incident became public, the journalists there roared.