CPM backs TMC; slams role of Congress in opposing BJP

News Desk: CPM backs TMC! Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat, the two big heads of the party, alleged that the Congress had gone into hibernation.

On the second day of the Party Congress, Yechury said “The situation at the all-India level should not be confused with the state. The BJP is a big danger at the all-India level. The Congress needs to stop communal forces. But in many cases the question of sincerity remains. So there is no alliance before the vote. If necessary, the alliance will be formed after the vote”.

Karat, meanwhile said “Congress would lose credibility as opposition if it did not attend the meeting when the dangers to secularism were being discussed. In Kerala, there are differences between the Congress and the CPM on many issues. But when secularism is becoming important, the silence of the Congress leadership will increase danger”.

He added “The sooner the Congress leadership wakes up, the better”.