Journalist stripped half naked and harassed by MP police! State police under pressure after it went viral

News Desk: In Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district, eight men, including a journalist, were allegedly taken inside police station and were stripped half naked and harassed by the police.

It is known that the incident took place several days ago. While investigating a complaint made by the son of Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA Kedarnath Shukla, eight suspects were called to the police station. And then the cruel torture started.

Madhya Pradesh police is under pressure after this picture came to light. A preliminary investigation was launched against the police officers to handle the situation but it went in vain. Protests erupted in front of the police station.

Condemning the incident, TMC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee said in a tweet “The spectre of ‘ACHHE DIN’! Mr @narendramodi, in your dystopian NEW INDIA, suppressing has become the norm. Those who DARED TO PROTEST are ruthlessly humiliated. The use of state machinery for your NEFARIOUS AGENDAS has gone too far now. Disgraceful!”