Rampurhat Case: CBI presented primary report in the Calcutta High Court

News Desk: The CBI on Thursday presented the primary report of the Rampurhat Bagtui case in the Calcutta High Court. The court also wanted to know whether the CBI was willing to take charge of the investigation into Bhadu Sheikh’s murder.

Two different reply came from the two CBI lawyers. One said “We will take up the investigation if the court orders”. But the other one disagreed.

The CBI said “Several days have passed since the investigation was carried out. People have been walking in and around Bhadu Sheikh’s house. Most of the evidence has been destroyed. We have used tower dumping technology in the investigation”.

On behalf of the state, the court was told on the same day that “Out of all the FIRs in the Rampurhat incident, only one had a request to hand over the case of Bhadu Sheikh to the CBI. The police are investigating the case. So there is no need to hand over to the CBI”.

After hearing the views of both the sides, the court ended the hearing. However, verdict giving has been postponed.