After Sri Lanka and Pakistan, China is planning to put Latin America in debt trap

News Desk: In the name of development, China has arranged loans. Under the ‘Belt and Road’ project, Dragon has spread debt traps in Asian countries, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka. China is also eyeing Nepal. And Colombo has realised what happens when you step into that trap. In such a situation, it is reported that China is reaching out to Latin America this time.

China has started working to further expand the Belt and Road project. And Beijing has recently put up its efforts to sign a number of agreements with Latin American countries, raising concerns for the United States. As a result, Washington is seeing a red cloud with the hot breath of the ‘dragon’ near its neck. Significantly, Ecuador and Argentina joined China’s Belt and Road project last February. Venezuela is under pressure from Chinese debt. Brazilian President Zaire Bolsanaro once said, “China is not buying products from Brazil, it is buying Brazil”.