Assassination in UP continues! This time it is in Yogi Adityanath’s Gorakhpur

News Desk: After Prayagraj, this time it’s Yogi Adityanath Gorakhpur where three members of a family got brutally killed by assassins.

It is learned that the assassins killed a man, his wife and their 20-year-old daughter. Police arrested one accused, named Alok Paswan.

Senior Superintendent of Police Bipin Tada said “Alok is being interrogated. It is learned that he had a love affair with the victim’s daughter. But then the girl broke the relationship. Hopefully, the whole thing will be clear soon”.

Police said “Gama Nishad, his wife Sanju Nishad and their 20-year-old daughter Preeti were on their way to a wedding at the time of the incident. Gamma’s son Achchelal survived because he took the other way to reach the wedding. Gamma’s eldest son is working in another city”.