RSS leader stoked controversy, says India only for Hindus not secular nation

News Desk: RSS leader Anand Kulkarni stoked controversy by saying that India is not a secular country and it is only for Hindus. He also said that Muslims and Christians should be thrown out of the nation.

Addressing an event in Belagavi at Karnataka, Kulkarni said the sword carrying RSS activists “Bhagwa flag should be hoisted in Karnataka Vidhana Soudha, Parliament and Red Fort”

“Muslims and Christians should be thrown out of the nation. They have other places to go, but for Hindus, this is the only nation and this should become the place for Hindus to live” he added.

He further said “In the Constitution, it is mentioned that this is a secular nation and that should be removed. This is not a secular state, this is ‘Hindu Rashtra.’ Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi included the term ‘Samajwadi’ in the Constitution which lawmakers and BR Ambedkar had no clue about. This was introduced just to appease the minorities. Indira Gandhi made this country a secular state. We are not ready to call this country a secular country, this country is for Hindus and this is Hindustan”