Giving reception to the Chairman of Khargpur Municipality on behalf of Trinamool Teachers Association

SK Mahammad Imran, Kharagpur: On behalf of Kharagpur West Circle of West Bengal Trinamool Primary Teachers’ Association, teachers welcomed Pradip Sarkar , the chairman of Kharagpur Municipality. Today in the leadership of convener of Kharagpur West circle Sri Arindam Singha , Pradip Sarkar was greeted with a batch of garlands. Former president of WBTPTA teacher Sri Surya prakash Rao was also presented. Teachers also greeted newly elected counselors of Kharagpur municipality. They all together celebrated holy by abir at the premises of municipality.

Sri Pradip sarkar was selected as the chairman of Kharagpur municipality second time. Taking oath ceremony was arranged on March 16. For the last six and a half years, Pradeep Sarkar has performed the duties of Chairman with utmost competence and efficiency. During his tenure Kharagpur city has undergone huge changes.A lot of work has been done including installing street lights and repairing roads.As a result, this time the TMC have got the result in the municipal elections. His public relations has turned into a myth in Kharagpur city.