West Bengal: TMC mouthpiece ends silence on BJPs polarisation attempts

News Desk: TMC mouthpiece ‘Jago Bangla’ ended silence on BJP’s attempts to polarise the electorate in Bengal by misusing the Bangladesh violence. It not only lauded the Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh, but also questioned Modi government’s silence on the matter.

“The question… remains – who stands to gain from the attacks in Bangladesh?” it asked in its frontpage lead article.

“In various countries, religions of fundamentalist forces can be different, but in terms of their interest in the business of elections in the name of religion, they complement each other” its editorial said.

“It can be seen that two forces stand to gain from this – a) Those who want to foment unrest in Bangladesh b) The BJP here, who want to sacrifice some Hindus in Bangladesh to seek votes on the basis of Hindu sentiments here. Which Suvendu Adhikari has already said” the Jago Bangla frontpage lead said.

“The question from the political circles is that those who repeatedly seek votes in the name of Hindus; the one who goes to offer prayers in a Bangladesh temple ahead of the Assembly elections to attract votes, why doesn’t that Prime Minister Narendra Modi talk when there are problems there?” asked the front page piece. “Now, practising vulturous politics, the BJP’s opportunist Suvendu Adhikari is saying: ‘Bangladesh’s incidents will result in an increase in votes for the BJP here’” it added.

In the editorial, Jago Bangla asserted that what happened during Durga Puja in Bangladesh was wrong, but it was a conspiracy that had nothing to do with the common “While it is a fact that it caused fear among minorities there, it is also a fact that the Hasina government has been taking stern measures” read the editorial.

“What is even more heartening is that in Bangladesh itself, there are meetings, rallies, and mega-rallies in protest against these attacks. Multiple Muslim organisations have come forward in protest. Seeing some of these rallies gives us hope, reassurance. This is the heart of Bangladesh” it added, apparently referring to Dhaka’s iconic Shahbag Square, where on Monday thousands cutting across religious lines raised their voice against the attacks.