Monoshij vows to “Shape the fearless mind’’

Ramiz Ali Ahmed: Eastern India’s most renowned organization Techno India Group (TIG) proudly proclaims the launch of its latest venture, a wellness platform “Monoshij’’, which vows “Shaping the fearless mind.” As educators, they would love to create opportunities for everyone in the society, translating their dreams into reality.

TIG has become the forerunner in accepting every innovative challenge and identifies itself as a leader in the field of unique creation. TIG’s pursuit of excellence is driven by the dreams of its founder Chairman Prof. DrGoutam Roychowdhury and Co-Chairman Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury who as unique entrepreneurs not only think about the growth of their own enterprise but also the society around them and the very nation they belong to.

It is said a journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step. Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury’s brainchild mission Monoshij has started radiating its gleam of sunshine to the society. She believes that the force behind every new challenge and innovative idea works the best when it brings people together. Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury always wanted to serve the society and enrich people’s mind for a better future.

To grace this occasion, TIG had with us Dr.Kunal Sarkar, a well-known cardiac surgeon of Kolkata, Ms.Rowan Ainsworth, Australian Consulate General and Ms.Nandita Palchoudhuri, Independent Curator of Indian Folk Traditions.

According to Prof. Manoshi Roy Chowdhury, “We believe in the power of recognition & empowerment. Our wellness destination offers training facilities by our team of experts for the corporates, schools, teachers, students & public. Our mission is to provide high quality mental health services & to promote overall wellbeing. Our work is guided by ethics, professional standard & quest for diversity.” Dr. Kunal Sarkar added, “There is not ample knowledge and awareness among people relating to mental health. As a physician I feel, we need more institutes like this to rule the world and spread positive mental wellbeing.”

Monoshij is an absolutely dynamic, comprehensive mental health wellness midpoint that will cater to the need of every individual’s well being. Its rich and varied array of services include ADHD healing, anxiety counselling, depression handling, child and teenager treatment, Autism, learning disability, anger management and more.

Miss Rowan Ainsworth said, “Lot of people are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression due to the ongoing pandemic. But we don’t have to justify our mental health or its causes. It is hard for people to address it. I feel this initiative is really amazing and is going to benefit all those who are in need of improving their mental health.” Miss Nandita Palchoudhuri further added, “Mental health has started to get the due attention that it deserves. It is great to see that Manoshi Roychowdhury has created a platform where this conversation can begin. Mental issue is very valid and it needs answers. This platform is very important for such addressal.”

Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co Chairman in her spellbinding speech articulated about her mission that provides high-quality mental health services to promote the overall well-being, retention, and success of our diverse student population. ‘Monoshij’ aims to maximize student success in schools, colleges, universities, and beyond by providing responsive and effective support, education, and mental health care. It also provides proper nurturing of mind of every individual. She addressed the need of the hour by identifying the challenges ahead and their mitigation graph where TIG as a whole can contribute to the cause of the nation. Monoshij has been serving people online due to the pandemic but this is the time to go completely offline. She feels that self –care is how you take your power back. Everyone has a resourceful potential and the moment you can articulate your resourceful potential you can actually start changing the world. Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable.