After France, this time the campaign against Muslims in Germany, condemning Erdogan

News Desk: Sultan Erdogan says police raids on mosques in Berlin to enforce anti-racist and anti-Islamic policies.

In October 22, 2020, police officers search a metal object to break down the front door of the Mevlana Mosque in Kreisberg, Berlin, Germany.

Condemning the police raid on a mosque in Berlin late Friday night, Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it was full of racism and anti-Islamic sentiments.

President Erdogan shared the statement via Twitter account: “I strongly condemn the police attack on the Mevalana Mosque in Berlin after the morning prayers, which is clearly implemented by racism and anti-Islamic policies, leading Europe to darkness like the Middle Ages and completely ignoring the freedom of faith of Muslims.” . ”

Erdogan stressed that “Europe, which for many years has been identified as a model of democracy, human rights and freedom, has unfortunately now become a structure that today goes against its own ideology.”

“We believe that there can be no justification for ruthless violations of the Holy Mosque. Erdogan added that Turkey will continue to condemn racism, Islamophobia and anti-Islamic policies in every part of the world.”