Tennis star Boris Becker under pressure! Might face 7 years jail

News Desk: Tennis star Boris Becker, who declared himself bankrupt in 2017, was proved false in Southwark Crown Court on Friday. It is known that he had enough property at that time. He often sent millions of pounds to his ex-wife’s bank account.

In 2017, Becker took a loan of  three million pounds from bank to buy a property in Spain. He did not repay the loan, but declared himself bankrupt. But in the court, it was found out that Becker used to transfer pound to his former wife and he even distributed 3.5 lakh pounds among nine, including his former wife. He later did the same thing on his current wife Lily’s account. Not only that, Becker even did not informed about another property of his own in Germany. He also did not informed about a loan of 8.25 lakhs loan he took. Never informed about selling his Mercedes for a huge amount. He used to spend thousands of pounds in a luxury department store. He used to wear branded clothes even after declaring himself bankrupt.

He has been granted conditional bail till April 29. Then a criminal case will be filed against him. If convicted, he might end up in facing seven years jail.