“Will bring out a report card after completion of a year”: Firhad Hakim

News Desk: Former mayor Firhad Hakim after being elected councilor for the fourth time in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) said the newly elected civic board will come up with a report card of its own performance every year and make it public. Hakim won from ward 82 in Chetla by a margin of 14867 votes.

“Whoever may be the members of the new civic board will bring out a report card after completion of a year. It will be an analysis of what the Board has been able to achieve in the context of the manifesto. It will also state the reasons for failure in fulfilling the target, if any. We are accountable to the citizens of Kolkata” Hakim said.

He urged that all the councilors including those who have been elected for the first time to be available for the service of the people at a single call.

Addressing the issue of water logging in the city will be one of the priorities of the new board. “We have already spoken with IIT Kharagpur and IIT Roorkee on the issue and we hope to come up with a comprehensive plan. We will try our best to mitigate the waterlogging problem in one year” he added.

Completion of a number of drainage projects executed with ADB funds, augmentation of the capacity of pumping stations wherever possible and installation of 200 pumps for faster drainage will be another major task, according to Hakim.

Curbing environmental pollution will be another major challenge to be executed by the newly elected Board.

“We have used mist cannon to sprinkle water on the city roads which has led to suppression of the carbon particles, thereby reducing the pollution level. We should strengthen our infrastructure to combat pollution further” said Hakim.

The Board should ensure transparent administration and execute projects aimed at augmenting the water supply network in the city.