Big announcement by PM Modi! Hanuman statues will be made in Bengal

News Desk: Big announcement by PM Modi on Hanuman Jayanti! After Shimla and Gujarat, huge Hanuman statues will be made in Bengal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday unveiled a 108-foot-tall Hanuman statue at Morbi in ​​Gujarat. At the same meeting, he said “Such statues of Hanumanji are being erected in different parts of the country. A huge statue of Hanumanji was erected in Shimla a few years ago. A huge Hanumanji temple was erected at Morbi today. Then idols of Hanumanji will be made in Rameshwaram and West Bengal”.

He further said “It is not only an installation in Hanuman Temple, it is also an installation of the determination to create ‘One India-Best India’. This is the power of our culture, our faith, our heritage and our spirituality”.