Corona virus may be airborne, says new research

Natun Gati news desk: Amid the incessant researches on the novel coronavirus, a new study has come into light that this virus can be spread through air. Approximately 200 scientists from 32 nations have urged The World Health Organization to revise the guidelines about this deadly disease.

Earlier,  the WHO had published that the virus can be spread from one person to another directly by large droplets from mouth and nose of the affected person while coming in close contact to him, and indirectly by surface contamination ; but now the new studies are forcing us to be more careful about fighting this contagion.

The WHO had stated that this virus can be spread through air by aerosoles that are generated during some medical procedures. Aerosoles are droplets that are smaller than 5 microns. A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that these aerosoles can stay in the air for about 30 minutes before settling down on surfaces. Scientists are claiming that there are growing evidences about the virus being airborne like chickenpox and influenza.

12 millions people around the globe have been infected and 5 lacs 36 thousands have died in this pandemic. It is most infectious in closed settings and places without proper ventilation and crowded places. In this scenario, if it is proven that one can get infected by breathing in the infected air, we have to take some new precautionary measurements besides the older ones. For instance, Face-coverings besides face-masks can be made mandatory even while practising social distancing in crowded places ; ultraviolet lights can be used to kill aerosoles; people might be advised to practise opening  their doors and windows more often and avoid staying in closed indoors for long.