Dr Kafeel Khan took a dig at Yogi Adityanath after getting released from jail

News Desk: Uttar Pradesh doctor Kafeel Khan, who got jailed under National Security Act (NSA) for an alleged speech against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at Aligarh Muslim University, got freed at midnight on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the Allahabad High Court considered his detention illegal as there was no hate or violence involved in his speech.

Dr Khan said “I am thankful to the judiciary which has given an excellent order, which has clearly said that my speech was not to incite violence… and lastly to the STF (Special Task Force) who didn’t encounter me, who didn’t kill me while bringing me from Mumbai to Mathura”

He further said “In Ramayana, Maharshi Valmiki had said that the Raja (king) should act for ‘Raj Dharma’. In UP, the ‘Raja’ is not doing ”Raj Dharma” but is doing ‘Baal Hatth’ (being stubborn like a child)”

His mother Nuzhat Parveen said “I am very happy that my son is coming out of the jail. I will be able to see him, touch him and feel him after a long time. My son is a good person and he is never against the country or society. Today is my daughter-in-law’s birthday as well, and we are carrying a cake with us as she is in Mathura”

Dr Khan’s lawyer Manoj Kumar at the Allahabad High Court said “the grounds for detention served to Dr Khan was in the form of a CD containing the copy of his alleged speech at Aligarh Muslim University. But no instrument was provided to Dr Khan inside the jail for him to view the CD. Not even a script was given, so Dr Khan never found out what the basic allegations against him were”