Jharkhand: Muslim man built Krishna temple and promoted communal harmony

News Desk: A Muslim man, Naushad Sheikh, a resident of Hamidpur in Ranishwar, is constructing a temple of Lord Krishna at a cost of Rs 40 lakh.

Naushad started the construction work of this temple in the year 2019. He says that once he had gone to visit Mayapur in West Bengal and during this time Lord Krishna came in his dream. After that, Lord Krishna told him that he himself was sitting in your area. Why did he come here to visit? So Naushad told that then Sri Krishna had told him in a dream that ‘reach there.’ At the same time, Naushad then thought of building the Parth Sarathi temple. Apart from this, Naushad also said that earlier the lord was worshipped under the open sky here. Further, Naushad also informed that from now on, the havan can be performed in the temple premises itself.

Apart from this, a kirtan shed, kitchen and a separate room for the priest who performs the puja in the temple premises are being prepared.