JP Nadda attacks Hemant Soren

News Desk: Bharatiya Janata Party President J P Nadda slammed Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren by saying that his government is full of corruption and has not carried out any developmental projects.

Nadda said “The law and order situation has been affected badly in the Hemant Soren government. The Jharkhand government is rife with corruption and lags behind in development work. Naxalism is again spreading its roots here and this is a sign of a weak government. Development work in Jharkhand has been stalled as well”
He also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led from the front in the fight against COVID-19. Implementing the idea ‘Jaan hai to jahan hai’, he had imposed a lockdown in the country in time. When the lockdown was imposed, our testing capacity was only 1,500 and today our capacity has exceeded 11 lakh per day. We had 150 testing labs. Today their number has increased to around 1,600”
He also praised praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his farmer benefiting schemes and transferring money to women’s Jandhan accounts as well.