Justice Gangopadhyay summoned State law Minister Moloy Ghatak

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: Justice Gangopadhyay learned from the secretary of the judiciary that the Alipore court judge’s transfer is on hold as the file is pending with the state law minister. After that, he called Moloy Ghatak, the law minister of the state. He was ordered to appear within half an hour. Following the instructions, the minister reached the court ahead of time.

“You have the file,” Justice Gangopadhyay told the minister. In response, the law minister told the judge, “I was admitted to the hospital due to illness. I was discharged 4 days ago. The doctors told me to take rest for 15 days. Extend the time by two days. I will take quick action.” After that, the judge extended two days and asked to effectuate the transfer of Judge Arpan Chatterjee by October 6. After answering all the questions, he left within 10 minutes. At that time, in response to the questions of the journalists, the minister said, “I told everything to the court.”