BJP leader’s certificate got cancelled on the basis of false information

Md Nawaj Shorif, Malda: SC certificate based on ‘false’ information! But in the end, the secret got revealed in the administrative investigation. Pankaj Tamang, Malda’s Sadar Sub-Divisional Governor, canceled the caste certificate of the BJP candidate who won in the Panchayat Samiti. Based on the joint BDO’s on-site investigation report, the Sadar Sub-Divisional Ruler ordered the cancellation of that certificate.

It is known that BJP leader Sulekha Singh, a resident of Tilasan village in Singabad area of Habibpur, got a Scheduled Caste certificate from the office of Sadar Sub-Divisional Ruler by dressing up a neighbor as father. This time she won the seat of Dhumpur of Habibpur Panchayat Samiti. Her father’s home is in Odisha. Defeated candidate Purnima Chowdhury of TMC accused her of submitting ‘fake’ certificates. Purnima Devi filed a written complaint. The SDO canceled that certificate on the basis of administrative investigation. BJP has got an absolute majority in that Panchayat Samiti by a margin of only one seat. If Sulekha devi’s membership is rejected, the BJP will no longer have an absolute majority in the Habibpur Panchayat Samiti.

TMC’s defeated candidate Purnima Devi’s lawyer Uday Jha said, “Sulekha devi got caste certificate with false information before the election. Although she is a resident of Odisha, she made a neighbor as her father. Based on the investigation, the SDO canceled that certificate. Since she won from a reserved seat, Sulekha devi’s membership is no longer valid. She will not be able to take part in the voting to form the board of the Panchayat Samiti.”

On the other hand, Sulekha devi’s lawyer Amitabh Maitra said, “The decision of the District Magistrate is not correct. The decision to cancel the certificate is biased. We are going to the High Court about it. Sulekha devi is still a member of the Panchayat Samiti. She can attend the board formation meeting and also participate in voting. The certificate has been canceled by the SDO but did not decline her membership.”