Madhya Pradesh: Muslim man donated his land for last rites of a Jain monk

News Desk: A great example of humanity has been witnessed in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. A Muslim man, named Ashraf Meo, donated his land for the last rites of a Jain monk Shri Shantisagar.

Ashraf Meo is also known by the name of Guddu. He was a former chairman of Singoli Nagar Panchayat.

According to followers, Shri Shantisagar died on Thursday and as per religious beliefs, Ashraf Meo’s land was found apt for his funeral.

Members of the local Jain community offered money to Ashraf, but he declined.

Ashraf said “Money does not count for me. It is my privilege that a samadhi of a Jain monk will come up on my land. I have been getting phone calls congratulating me for setting such a fine example of communal amity and brotherhood in Singoli”

The last rites were successfully done on Ashraf’s land.