Uttar Pradesh: Video of a man dressed as Yogi Adityanath being roped and getting assaulted has gone viral on internet

News Desk: Recently, a despicable video of a man dressed as UP CM Yogi Adityanath being roped and led by a group of men who are seen assaulting him has gone viral on the internet. The video was shot during the rally carried out by Islamist organisation Campus Front of India, who has been railing against the Uttar Pradesh chief minister for the prosecution of Siddique Kappan, one among 8 PFI activists charged for inciting communal unrest during the Hathras incident. Campus Front of India is the students wing of Islamist outfit PFI.

In the video, three men are seen mimicking an assault against a man who bears stark resemblance to UP CM Yogi Adityanath. The assailants drag the man on the road and imitate an assault against him.

The hatred is directed against Yogi Adityanath for acting against PFI activists, including Siddique Kappan, who are lodged in jail since the last after they were arrested by the UP Police for their alleged involvement in inciting unrest over the Hathras incident.