Nuh violence: Hate speech from Hindu groups Mahapanchayat

Debjit Mukherjee: Hindu groups have called for a Mahapanchayat after the death of 6 people in communal violence in Haryana. However, the local administration has given clear instructions that no hate speech should be used in the speech of the Mahapanchayat. But during the speech, this directive was practically dismissed by the Mahapanchayat leaders. Several times during their speech, hateful comments came up. Several leaders made offensive remarks despite the presence of police at the scene.

The local administration has ordered that no more than 500 people can gather in Pandri village on the border of Nuh district. The conference was asked to end by two in the afternoon. Police also banned people from entering the conference with weapons to prevent violence. It was also clarified that no hate speech can be spread. If any objectionable speech is heard then the police will file a complaint immediately.

Although there are a set of guidelines, which has been violated. Several leaders of the Mahapanchayat were heard making offensive speeches. Someone said, “If he points a finger at us, his hand will be cut off.” Someone else claims to have a firearm. According to sources, the police were deployed in the Mahapanchayat area. But no action has been taken against the leaders yet.