Dr. Biswajit Bhowmik and Nutritionist Mahua Created Excellent book on diet

Md Nawaj Shorif: Natun Gati: A book has created quite a stir in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Diabetic Society’s Center for Global Health Research, Food and Nutrition Department-BIRDEM and National Health Care Network jointly published the Diet Advice book “Bivinno Rog O Obosthay Khaddo Poramorsho. Under the leadership of National Professor AK Azad Khan, Dr. Biswajit Bhowmik and Nutritionist Shamsun Nahar Mahua  was the executive editor of the book. Also A huge team of 30 people contributed immensely to this book. Due to this extraordinary effort of all, the food advice book for various diseases and conditions has been published.

Everything is in one book. If you are suffering from any kind of disease including heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, just by reading this book you will be able to understand what you should eat. The most interesting thing about the book is that next to what you should eat, you will get to know what you should not eat and besides writing for the convenience of the reader, the book is made more attractive by presenting the subject through pictures. So this book will play an outstanding role in selecting foods for your various diseases and conditions.
The members of Bangladesh Diabetic Association have also thought innovatively about the sale of the book keeping all the patients in mind. You will get this wonderful book at all Bangladesh Diabetic Society and BADAS accredited centers nationwide.
Apart from this, you can visit boiferry.com to get the book from any part of the country. The price of the book is Rs. 250.

Health is the root of all happiness. We all know this, but how many People care about their health ? To protect our health we need a balanced diet and moderate food list. The way food list and everything is organized in this book is the strong belief of all associated with the book that this book will play an important role in the lives of people of all ages and professions.