Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi over Chinese provocation

News Desk: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in a virtual meet chaired by Sonia Gandhi, attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party led central government over Chinese provocation and economy.

Mr Gandhi said “Even though the media and Narendra Modi are trying to divert it, they can’t hide the issue beyond a point. Modi can’t continue to hear what he wants. Unemployment, incursions and the economy which is in a crisis will all suddenly come to the fore… like the ship Titanic which hit the iceberg and broke into pieces”

He added “How can they say there is no incursion and nothing has happened when our army is having a stand-off?  We have to raise these issues”

He refused to take up the job again and said that he would continue the battle against the BJP in his usual way. It was decided at the meet that there will be a contest for the post of deputy chairperson and the candidate will be from the Congress allies most likely the DMK.