Violence in Birbhum

News Desk: Factional feud within the Trinamool Congress turned violent in Birbhum district on Friday. The incident took place at the Babuijora panchayat office in the Kankartala police station. One group threw bombs at a panchayat office from where another group allegedly opened fire.

The two groups were led by Abdul Rehman and Ujjwal Kader and as per local villagers they’ve often clashed in the past. The clash took place after a protest against the local contractor who was allegedly building substandard roads. They also claimed corruption in the tender process to build that concrete road.

Members of the Ujjwal Kader group claimed villagers went to the panchayat office to complain about the contractor but there they were allegedly chased away by Abdul Rehman’s men, who used bombs and fired at them from the roof of the panchayat building.

Birbhum BJP chief Shyamapad Mandal said that these factional fights in the Trinamool Congress were going to destroy the party from within.