West Bengal: Forest minister Jyotipriyo Mallick left podium, refused to share stage with BJP MP Arjun Singh

News Desk: Bengal forest minister Jyotipriyo Mallick on Sunday left podium at a programme in connection with Mahatma Gandhi’s death, when BJP MP Arjun Singh arrived.

On asking the reason, Mallick said “A professional killer is sitting beside you. In protest, I am leaving the platform. I am sitting with the audience”.

He also said “I was representing the state government as per protocol. But, I could not be seated on the podium with a mastermind of murders against whom we have filed charges and investigation is pending”.

“I did not leave the function midway, I remained seated with the audience” he added.

However, Singh refused to comment over Mallick’s action.

BJP leader Debjit Sarkar shot back, asserting that the TMC is making wild allegations, and it has no right to indulge in “character assassination” of a representative of people at a state function.

This comments from Mallick came after the murder of TMC leader Gopal Majumdar and the involvement of Singh’s aide Vijay Mukherjee in it.