Assam Police issued alert over possible terrorist attacks on RSS and Indian Army areas

News Desk: The Assam Police has issued an alert over possible terrorist attacks in the state by the ISI and al Qaeda.

A letter, issued by the assistant inspector general of police (law and order) on October 16, notes an input was received from a “sister agency” about plans by the ISI to target RSS cadres and Indian Army areas in Assam and other places in India.

The letter warns of a threat by global terror outfits to carry out “spectacular action” by resorting to bomb attacks on “mass gatherings, mass transport and religious places”.

The letter also referred to the eviction of people at Dhalpur in Darrang district in September that had triggered outrage in parts of the Muslim world. Two people were killed in the Dhalpur violence, which left 20 injured, including several policemen. The letter states al Qaeda had circulated a video message calling for jihad in Assam and Kashmir.

It has been reported, “Assam Police have asked all districts to gear up ground sources and intelligence collection machinery and remain alert to ‘thwart any evil design of global terror outfits and fundamental/radical elements'”