Bangladesh Violence: 450 arrests, protests at Dhaka over attacks on Hindus

News Desk: On Tuesday, the Bangladesh police arrested 450 people in connection with the ongoing violence against Hindus in the country. Death of at least six have been reported.

The violence began on Friday when hundreds of Muslims protested in the southeastern Noakhali district accusing Hindus of a blasphemous incident involving the Koran. Several Hindu religious sites have been vandalised, and homes attacked.

A Bangladeshi police spokesman said “Authorities have filed 71 cases. Investigation is going on after the arrest of 450 suspected culprits”

Hundreds of people have protested in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, calling for an end to religious violence. University of Dhaka students hold a torch procession demanding justice for the violence against Hindus during Durga Puja festival.

The country’s Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said were attacks aimed at destroying the communal harmony in Bangladesh. The attack was also condemned by the UN.