Bishwanath Das – MLA of Jayanagar Assembly

Bablu Hasan Lashkar:  Mayahauri is the ancestral home of newly elected MLA of Jayanagar Assembly Bishwanath Das. He passed BA from South Barasat Dhrubchand Haldar College and later started his career as a Baripur High School teacher after passing MA with Honors in History at Jadavpur University. He won. He was again nominated by the All India Trinamool Congress in 2021 and was re-elected from the Jayanagar Assembly. There are twelve constituencies under the Jayanagar Assembly: Garadeyani, Bele Durganagar, Futigoda, Shahjadpur, Harinarayanpur, South Barasat, Mayahauri, Maida, North Durgapur, Bahru, Rajapur Karabeg. There are three members of the district council. The number of members of the two panchayat associations is 6. Teacher Bishwanath Das has always been by the side of the people. He currently lives at his home in South Barasat.

He is always busy with public relations. This ungrateful MLA does not hesitate to serve the common man. He is with people day and night for seven days. As by our side.