Charges against Rhea Chakraborty

News Desk: Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s father Krishna Kishore Singh has filed an FIR with Patna police in which he has levelled sensational charges against co-actor and friend Rhea Chakraborty accusing her of blackmail, misappropriation of money and abetment of suicide.

For the last 44 days, Mumbai Police had been questioning several Bollywood biggies in its efforts to find out the exact cause behind Sushant’s death. Nothing suspicious was found in the actor’s post mortem and viscera reports. But the charges levelled by Sushant’s father against Rhea have stunned Bollywood.

Sushant’s father, in his six-page complaint, has alleged that Rhea gave his son overdose of medicines in the name of treatment, blocked his phone calls, took away his credit cards and transferred most of the money from his accounts, changed his entire staff and took away gold ornaments, cash and documents belonging to Sushant.

In his FIR, Sushant’s father has narrated how his son’s career was on top till last year and it was then that Rhea entered his life. According to him, she entered into a close friendship with the aim of furthering her career and grabbing most of Sushant’s properties. Towards this aim, she introduced her family members to Sushant and told him that he was facing mental issues because his house was haunted. They lodged him in a resort near Mumbai airport for mental treatment.

According to the FIR, when the family came to know about this, Sushant’s sister went to Mumbai and wanted to bring him to Patna, but Rhea and her family members told her that he would get the best treatment in Mumbai. It was then that Rhea gave an overdose of medicines to his son, alleges his father. When people queried about Sushant’s health, they said, it was dengue.

It was alleged in the FIR that during this period, Rhea and her family members started taking possession of Sushant’s personal things. Sushant was prevented by Rhea from speaking to his family. His phone was kept by Rhea and her family members. According to the FIR, whenever film offers came to Sushant, Rhea used to put a rider that she should be taken as the main female lead. It was alleged that Rhea and her family members then started replacing Sushant’s staff with their own people.

Sushant’s father alleged that Rhea’s family members had by then taken full possession of Sushant’s credit cards and bank accounts. In December 2019, Sushant’s old phone was disconnected. A new phone connection was taken for Sushant on the ID of Rhea’s associate Samuel Miranda. During an occasional telephonic talk with his father, Sushant used to tell him that Rhea wanted to send him to a mental asylum.

Sushant’s father has alleged that when the actor came to meet his sisters in Delhi and Haryana, Rhea called him back to Mumbai after two days. It was then that Rhea, according to the FIR, started using Sushant’s money, properties and connections for her own benefit.

Sushant’s father alleged that when his son decided to start organic farming in Coorg, Karnataka, Rhea blackmailed him, threatening to make his medical reports public if he went to Coorg. She threatened Sushant that she would tell the world that he was a lunatic. When Rhea realized that Sushant was no more listening to her advice, she left his home in June, taking away cash, jewellery, laptop, password, credit cards, pin numbers, vital property documents and medical reports. She also blocked Sushant’s phone number.

While leaving, she threatened Sushant that if he revealed the truth, she would publicize him as a mental wreck in the media. Meanwhile, Sushant’s former manager Disha Salian committed suicide. According to his father, Sushant, out of fear, tried to contact Rhea over the phone. Sushant, according to his father, feared that Rhea may make him a scapegoat for Salian’s suicide.

Sushant’s father alleged that the actor visited him for the last time in June for four days. She tried her best to console Sushant. On her return, Sushant committed suicide on June 14. Sushant’s father alleged that Sushant had Rs 17 crore in his bank accounts, out of which Rs 15 crore was transferred to accounts to which he had no links, in the course of one year.

A four-member team from Patna police has reached Mumbai to collect relevant documents from Mumbai Police relating to the actor’s death. According to SSP Patna, the actor’s father has urged Patna police to probe the case because he felt that Mumbai Police was not conducting the probe properly.

The FIR, in one stroke, has exposed several people who had been floating conspiracy theories for the last 44 days. It was alleged that Sushant was murdered, it was also alleged that the actor was forced to commit suicide because he had been sidelined in the industry for being an outsider, it was alleged that the actor lost roles because of nepotism in the industry, some attributed the cause of death to ‘gang war’ and Pakistani ISI connections, some demanded a CBI probe into the role of mafia in Bollywood, several others demanded a probe by NIA to check the Pakistani angle, some others demanded a probe by ED as foreign money was involved.

The allegations were levelled by people who never met Sushant even once in their life, while some even did not know his name. Some in Bollywood used this case as a point to settle scores with their rivals.

For the last 44 days, Mumbai Police had been questioning several people in Bollywood. Director Shekhar Kapur was questioned because he had posted a tweet, director Mahesh Bhatt was questioned because there were several charges levelled against him, producer-director Karan Johar was also summoned. With Sushant’s father filing his FIR in Patna, most of the theories have now no legs to stand on.

I have learnt that the actor’s father and other family members had been silently watching all the moves by Mumbai Police for the last 44 days and then decided to approach Patna police.

The charges levelled by Sushant’s father are serious. He has lost his son, and his charges need to be investigated seriously. Sushant was a successful actor, and he had no dearth of money. He had Rs 17 crore in his accounts and had film offers too. He had his own house, he had friends, and yet he committed suicide. This is a mystery that needs to be unraveled.

With the filing of FIR in Patna, those who had been trying to settle scores in the industry stand exposed and many doubts have been cleared. The investigation should now focus on the charges levelled by Sushant’s father. Let us hope that the truth behind the actor’s death will be out soon.