Early night Gestapo raids in Delhi

News Desk: Video Journalist Abhisar Sharma, Senior Journalist Bhasha Singh, Veteran Journalist Urmilesh, Newsclick Editor Praveer Purkayastha and Writer Geeta Hariharan, Eminent Journalist and State Economy Commentator Anindya Chakraborty, Activist and Historian Sohail Hashmi, and Comedian Sanjay Rajoura’s home raided by Delhi Police force at night. A Delhi Police team went to Teesta Setalawad’s house in Mumbai. The raid was carried out at the house of veteran journalist Puranjoy Guthakurta. Raids are going on at the houses of various levels of employees of Newsclick. Some of them have been picked up by the police for questioning. Delhi Science Forum’s D. Raghunandan was taken away. Sanjay Rajoura has been taken to the special police cell. The police confiscated all mobile phones, laptops, etc. devices. The raid was to investigate “terrorist links”, the police said.

This operation is the result of an FIR filed by the Delhi Police on August 1. Various sections of the UAPA have been invoked. This FIR was again based on a comment made by a BJP MP in Parliament. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey commented in Parliament that Congress leaders and Newsclick journalists received funds from China to create an ‘anti-India’ atmosphere. Based on this comment, the FIR and the Gestapo operation was conducted.