“KCR wanted BJP’s support” PM Modi from Telangana public meeting

Debjit Mukherjee: “Telangana chief minister KCR wanted to join NDA” prime minister Narendra Modi made such an explosive claim. Addressing a rally in Telangana, Modi said, “The BJP won 48 seats in the Hyderabad municipal elections. It was then that KCR sought our support. He was present to welcome me at the airport before the election. But later he suddenly started opposing.”

He also said, “After the Hyderabad municipal elections, KCR came to Delhi and met me and wanted to join the NDA. But I told him we cannot include him because of his conditions.”

BRS spokesperson M Krishank dismissed Modi’s claim. In his words, “After this, if a Chief Minister goes to meet the Prime Minister, he should take a camera with him. Because Narendra Modi can tell extreme lies to gain political advantage.”