Hindu and Christian groups in Kerala launched anti-Muslim campaign, advices people to avoid Muslim hotels and restaurants

News Desk: Christian groups in Kerala reportedly launched a campaign to identify hotels identified by non-Muslims and urged their followers to visit only these hotels for ‘spit free food’.

Social media pages of Christian groups such as ‘Soldiers of Cross’ shared lists of Kerala hotels that served “spit free food”. These lists included hotels owned by Hindus or Christians in different districts across the state that they call “spit free hotels”.

Both Hindu and Christian Groups have been leading the campaign against Muslim hotel owners.

‘Soldiers of Cross’, a Christian Group, has been sharing a district wise list of Hindu and Christian owned hotels that they assert are ‘spit and mucus’ free. The lists are being widely circulated on Facebook, Whatsapp groups, and other social media platforms, where users are exhorting others of patronising only those restaurants that follow higher standards of hygiene practices as against those who might be serving their patrons with spit food.

As a part of its campaign to create awareness among patrons, the group is also asking people to avoid hotels and restaurants with ‘halal’ signboards, asserting that ‘spit food’ is being served there.

The “spit free” food campaign was launched in the wake of a viral video that showed a Muslim man allegedly spitting in food while preparing it. However Alt News clarified it and said that the man was just blowing air onto food.