“It shows BJP is anti-Bengali”: TMC MP Sougoto Roy

News Desk: The Trinamool Congress on Sunday hit out at the BJP over its poll manifesto for the West Bengal polls, saying that the saffron party’s promises have no value. Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday released BJP’s election manifesto “Sonar Bangla Sankalpa Patra” for West Bengal in Kolkata.

Senior TMC MP Sougoto Roy said “It’s unfortunate that manifesto for Bengal was not released by a Bengali, but by a Gujarati. It shows BJP is anti-Bengali. Does the BJP not have a competent person from Bengal who could release the manifesto and speak in Bengali. Amit Shah spoke only in Hindi. People of Bengal are insulted by this”

He further said “BJP’s promises have no value. They promised Rs 15 lakh to everyone and 2 crore jobs every year in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls but has not fulfilled it yet. BJP manifesto is hollow. In any case, they’re not coming to power, so it does not matter what they say. If they want to make Sonar Bangla, why didn’t they make Sonar Uttar Pradesh, Sonar Madhya Pradesh, and Sonar Himachal Pradesh first?”