“It’s a ‘fooling women’ bill” comments opposition regarding Women Reservation Bill

Debjit Mukherjee: Women’s Reservation Bill introduced in Lok Sabha. The bill was tabled in the first session of the new Parliament on Tuesday. Prime Minister Modi commented, “I feel God has chosen me to take this bill forward.” The new bill was welcomed by a section of the opposition. Besides, many groups have also joined in the criticism. Among them are Congress and Aam Aadmi Party.

Many opposition parties have said that while they welcome the new bill, they can give a final opinion only after reading it in detail. Meanwhile, parties like Congress, AAP have complained that the bill has not been introduced so far. Such a delay is to take advantage before the Lok Sabha election.

Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal said, “They want to take advantage of 2024. It should have been done in 2014 itself.” Meanwhile, an AAP MLA also took a jab at the BJP saying, “It’s a ‘fooling women bill’.”