Kailash Vijayvargiya slams TMC for their anti-hindu mindset

News Desk: After JP Nadda BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya slammed TMC for their anti-hindu mindset. According to Mr Vijayvargiya, the TMC government only looks after the benefit of Muslims and not for Hindus. He even said that the West Bengal government always creates obstacles for Hindu rituals or programmes.
He said The state government works only for the 30 per cent population (minorities) of the state. The remaining 70 per cent (Hindu population) are left to fend for themselves”
He added “Why is this government against Hinduism and its rituals? Our party workers were stopped by the police from performing ‘tarpan’. Later, we had to organise it somewhere else. Do we need permission to perform ‘tarpan’ for our slain workers? It is a Hindu ritual that is being performed for ages. But still, we had sent an email to the police last night seeking permission for the programme”