Madhya Pradesh: Church wrote to police, demanding protection from Bajrang Dal and VHP

News Desk: A senior secondary school run by the Syro-Malabar Church in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district has sought protection from police following an “ultimatum” by the VHP and Bajrang Dal to “reinstall” an idol of Saraswati, which they had claimed had been removed from the premises.

The manager of Jyoti Christ Senior Secondary School, Father Augustine Chittuparambil, denied the claims of the two groups. SP Dharamveer Yadav said there was no confirmation of any such idol being removed.

Chittuparambil said around 40 men from the VHP and Bajrang Dal approached the school on Monday while classes were on and handed over a “memorandum”, warning that the idol be put up within 15 days.

“Neither was there any idol of Goddess Saraswati nor was any idol removed” Chittuparambil said.

Sagar Gupta, a VHP leader of the Mahakaushal region, threatened protests if the school did not “reinstall” the idol.

“Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge but her idol has been removed from the school. In turn, it is filled with idols of Jesus and Mary. We understand that it is their school, but that does not mean you fill it up with idols of your God…”