“Mamata Banerjee is protecting Bengal. I will stand by her side and say, Mamata, you go ahead, Medinipur district is with you”: Manas Bhuiyan

News Desk: State president of the party Subrata Bokshi was present on the stage. It is on that platform that the message of the West Midnapore district leadership of the Trinamool, not any ‘Dada’, they and all the workers and supporters of the party in this district are with ‘Didi’ and will remain so.

In the midst of speculation about Shuvendu Adhikari’s resignation from the grassroots, MP Manas Bhuiyan’s message was, “Mamata Banerjee is protecting Bengal. I will stand by her side and say, Mamata, you go ahead, Medinipur district is with you. ” ‘I was born in the Trinamool. I will stay with Mamata for the rest of my life. ”

Subrata Bokshi appeared at the extended meeting of the party district in Midnapore on Saturday. Trying to understand the organizational situation. Mamata Banerjee will hold a meeting in Medinipur on December 6. The party workers erupted in excitement after Subrata’s announcement. The number of leaders following Shuvendu in West Midnapore is not small. According to party sources, the active followers were not invited to today’s meeting. Amulya Maiti, Ramaprasad Giri, Pranab Basu, Snehashis Bhowmik were not called. The district leadership of the Trinamool has tried to divide the followers by tactics. Those who are less active than the followers have been called to the meeting. Pradeep Patra and Mamani Mandi were seen in the meeting. Pradeep is also known to be close to Shuvendu. Subrata also spoke to them on this day. Trinamool district president Ajit Maiti said, “I told the party to call everyone. Let’s find out from those who call and see exactly what happened! ”

Subrata Bokshi did not mention Shuvendu’s name even once in his twenty minute speech. Subrata was heard to say, “This election is not a very difficult election for us, but this election is a very important election for us.” The party’s state president also explained why. In his words, “The people of Bengal are not the only ones looking at this election. The people of India are watching. Because, the fight to save the constitution will start from Bengal. ” He added, ” In the middle of this fight, there may be many obstacles, there may be some misunderstanding among ourselves. But remember, there is only one chance to protest in front of people. We have to move forward in an organized manner. There may be a little emotional difference somewhere. Fight, Mamata Banerjee in front. No one else has a question. We have to get out in a group. ”

The Trinamool state president also reminded that the memories of many movements of Mamata Banerjee are associated with Medinipur. In his words, “Medinipur district is forever a district of fighting. This district has witnessed many struggles starting from the freedom struggle. Mamata Banerjee has also organized many movements. Seeing the crowd in the assembly hall, he declared,” If I have the slightest political awareness, I can say that in the next elections, we will win 15 out of 15 seats in the district”