Mamata Banerjee to Provide Motorcycles to 2 Lakh Youths in Bengal

News Desk: The ruling TMC government will provide motorcycles to nearly two lakhs youths, under the ‘Karma Sathi’ scheme, to make them self-reliant in starting a business. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance and help to prospective young entrepreneurs. Soft loan and subsidy will be provided for taking up any new income-generating project in the manufacturing, service, and trading/business sector up to Rs 2 lakh and is believed to target nearly 27 per cent young voters, between the ages of 18-35, in the state and tap close to 20.1 lakh voters, who cast their votes for the first time in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.. These loans will be provided by the State-owned Cooperative Bank on soft terms.

Mamata Banerjee said “Each motorcycle will be fitted with a detachable box where the beneficiaries can keep and sell items like fruits, vegetables, clothes and other daily essentials. This will not only make them self-reliant but also benefit nearly 10 lakh people associated with them”

She added “The beneficiaries will be provided with soft loans from state co-operative banks and the state government will assist them in the whole process”