“Modi Government is making farmers ‘slaves’ of the capitalists” says Rahul Gandhi

News Desk: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government on farm bills. He said that Narendra Modi is making farmers ‘slaves’ of the capitalists.

He tweeted “With the Modi government’s anti-agriculture ‘black law’, farmers will: 1. How will the MSP get when the APMC / farmers market ends? 2. MSP guaranteed Why not? Modi ji is making farmers a ‘slave’ of the capitalists, which the country will never allow to succeed”

He said “Modi ji promised to double the income of the farmers, but the ‘black’ laws of the Modi government are being made to economically exploit the farmer-agricultural laborers. This is a new form of ‘zamindari’ and Modi Some of Zee’s ‘friends’ will be ‘zamindars’ of the new India. Agriculture market is over, the food security of the country is erased”