Rahul Gandhi shares ‘heritage’ video

News Desk: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi continues attacking the Modi government through Twitter. He shared the 11th episode of ‘Dharohar’ series and wrote ‘Swaraj and nationalism are directly related to non-violence. Indian nationalism can never support cruelty, violence and religious sectarianism.

Regarding the Kisan Bill, he tweeted ‘Farmers have lost faith in the Modi government as Modi ji’s words and actions have been different from the beginning – heavy on demonetisation, wrong GST and diesel Tax Awakened farmer knows – Modi government will increase the trade of ‘friends’ with agriculture bill and will attack farmers’ livelihood”

The Congress has started a video series called ‘Heritage’ to contribute to its struggles, history and nation building for the independence of the country. Former party president Rahul Gandhi had informed about starting this video series on the occasion of Independence Day. He had tweeted, ‘Congress’s heritage, country’s heritage’