“Rahul is a person of dual character and foreign mentality”: Surendra Singh

News Desk: Surendra Singh, a BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh made controversy by linking rape with ‘sanskar’. The MLA said “Incidents like these can be stopped with help of good values, na shashan se, na talwar se. All parents should teach their daughters good values. It’s only the combination of government and good values that can make country beautiful”

On this former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said “This is the filthy RSS male chauvinist mentality at work. Men do the raping but women need to be taught good values”. Not only Rahul Gandhi, but female Bollywood celebs too slammed Singh for his illiterate remarks.

Singh reacted to this and said “Rahul is a person of dual character and foreign mentality. He is totally ignorant about Indian culture”

He added “He will understand the definition of nationalism if he takes tuition from nationalists. He could not understand the crux of the country’s culture. The dual characters of Rahul and Priyanka became obvious during their journey to meet the victim’s family in Hathras. While they were laughing during their journey, they shed tears at their homes”