Rakesh Tikait urges media houses to join the farmers protest

News Desk: BKU president Rakesh Tikait, on Tuesday, urged media houses to join the agitation, warning that their next “target” is media houses.

He said “Everyone should join us. The next target will be media houses, if you want to be saved then join us”

When prompted by a reporter that the Congress party rules in Chhattisgarh, Tikait said that they will do something about them as well.

“Mainly, you should focus on the Union government siting in Delhi, who sold half the country after making the laws” he said.

He added “They sold the mandiyas in Madhya Pradesh. Pay attention to them. 182 mandiyas were sold. Chhattisgarh won’t remain untouched as well”

He further stated “The biggest problem is of MSP in the country, we’ll raise this issue. We’ll talk about how vegetable farmers of state can be benefitted more and what policies need to be made for them”